Clinical Nutrition and Counselling

Registered Dietitians are your trusted nutrition experts.

Dietitians are uniquely trained to advise you on food and nutrition. All dietitians have a degree specializing in nutrition and have completed an accredited internship program or have a graduate degree. In every province, practicing dietitians are regulated, so you can be sure you are getting safe and ethical advice.

How can a Registered Dietitian help you?

A Registered Dietitian is available to answer your questions and provide you with reliable information about food and nutrition. A dietitian can identify nutrition problems, assess nutritional status, develop care plans, and monitor the effectiveness of nutrition care. We can provide the following information:

• foods that lower the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and cancer
• restaurant choices or tips for eating on the run
• the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight
• special eating plans for medical conditions
• what to eat when you are pregnant or planning to have a baby
• what to eat after surgery
• how to read food and nutrition labels
• how to be a healthy vegetarian
• and more!

A physician’s referral is required for an individual appointment with the dietitian. For information call (519) 235-5160.

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