Safety and Security:

Fire Drills

You may hear one of our regular fire drills during your hospital stay. When you hear the fire alarm, stay where you are. We will inform you should any action become necessary. Please stay where you are until the “all clear” signal is given. Elevators or telephones must not be used when there is a fire or a fire drill.

What are Emergency Codes?

An Emergency Code is a notification of an event that requires immediate action. SHHA utilizes the Ontario Hospital Association (OHA) Emergency Colour Code List, which is a standardized system amongst Hospitals.

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How are Emergency Codes Called?

3333 is the emergency number at SHHA. In case of an emergency, dial 3333 from any internal hospital phone, state your location and describe your emergency. NOTE: Locations are posted on all internal hospital phones.

What do I do if I hear an Emergency Code called?

If a code is called, patients and visitors are to remain calm and in their room until a hospital employee gives further directions.


In accordance with the Municipality of South Huron By-laws, and the Ministry of Health smoking regulations, smoking is not permitted within 9 metres (30 feet) of any entrance.


Since latex balloons can cause allergic reactions in some people, we ask that no latex balloons be brought onto the premises. Only Mylar balloons are allowed at SHHA.

Perfumes/Scented Flowers

As per hospital policy, perfume, after-shave cologne, other scented personal care products and strong smelling flowers (e.g., lilies and hyacinths) are not permitted in the hospital as some people are allergic to them.


Hospital staff and volunteers are easily identified by their photo identification badge. Please notify a staff member immediately if you observe any suspicious activity or individuals, have any security concern, or if you have lost a personal item.

SHHA staff members must identify themselves. All staff and volunteers are required to wear their hospital photo identification badges. This badge assures you that the person who delivers your care is a hospital employee.

When you are admitted to hospital, an identification armband will be applied to your wrist. Patient identification is a key factor in the safe delivery of care and letting people know who you are is one way you can help to make your health care safer! You may or may not have an additional coloured bracelet applied depending on your needs and this serves as a way to communicate with all team members. PLEASE DO NOT remove your bracelet until you are discharged from hospital. We request that you notify nursing staff if you require a replacement bracelet.

A wide range of security measures are in place for your safety and protection including 24-hour video surveillance cameras and locked doors.

SHHA is committed to providing a safe and secure working environment, free of violence and aggression. We will not accept any act of violence or aggression toward any member of staff. Incidents of verbal or physical abuse, threats or assaults may be dealt with by calling the Ontario Provincial Police as necessary.

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